This Agreement is a public offer and defines the conditions for the use of materials and services posted on the website at:, by visitors and users of this website (hereinafter referred to as the Site)

1. General Provisions

1.1 Any individual who has reached the age of majority in accordance with the laws of his country and has the right to independently manage his own finances, provided that this does not contradict the laws of his country of residence and international law, can become a Capper Club member.

1.2 Registration on the Company's Website and further cooperation is a voluntary decision of each Client.

1.3 Check-in is a confirmation that the Client fully accepts all the terms of this Agreement, agrees to comply with all obligations and is endowed with all the rights specified below in this Agreement.

1.4 All textual materials of the Site, as well as its design and any other information contained on the Site are subject to the protection of the Copyright Law and are the exclusive intellectual property of the Company. Use of any materials, program logo and other materials and articles is possible only subject to mandatory coordination with the management of the Company.

1.5 The information, documents, materials, opinions published on the Site are only advisory. The responsibility for the consequences of their use lies with the Client.

1.6 In the event of disagreement between the Parties, these disagreements shall be settled exclusively by the negotiations of the Parties, until their complete resolution.

2. Rights, obligations and liability of the Customer

2.1 When registering in the program, the Client is obliged to fill in the registration form on the Site, indicating only the true, current and correct information necessary for the registration process.

2.2 The client has the right to register only one unique account. The uniqueness of the account is determined by the combination of the user name, e-mail and ip-address.

2.3 The client deposits investment funds into the Company's program solely on his own initiative, voluntarily and bears full responsibility for the consequences of his actions.

2.4 The client has the right to invite his friends, acquaintances and other persons to cooperate in the program, using only legal methods for this, for example, using e-mail (not SPAM), advertising on various forums and websites, as well as other actions with the purpose of the development of the project, not prohibited by the laws of the state, under the jurisdiction of which is the Client, and not contrary to the terms of this Agreement.

2.5 The client is obliged to provide only reliable information about the program, and not to allow any written or oral statements discrediting the Company's reputation in the media, blogs, social networks and other means of communication.

2.6 The client undertakes not to use the Company's contacts for other than intended purposes, namely: send private advertising to the Company, information about other projects and companies, conduct personal correspondence in order to resolve issues not related to the program or the investment process.

2.7 The company uses in its activities the most modern equipment and software, as well as the most powerful and reliable protection tools that exist today. Nevertheless, the Company's Clients are strongly recommended to ensure the complete security of their personal data, authorization data and anti-virus protection your personal computer in order to protect your funds from being taken over by attackers (stealing a password, gaining unauthorized access to a member’s account). license antivirus programs and firewalls (firewalls).

2.8 In the event that the Client detects attempts or establishes unauthorized access to his account or e-mail, the Client is obliged to immediately inform the Company's support service. The client also has the right to contact the support service in the event of any issue or embarrassment.

2.9 The client agrees that if he violates any of the clauses of this Agreement, the Company reserves the right to unilaterally apply to it the appropriate measures of influence provided for each possible violation.

3. Rights, obligations and liability of the Company

3.1 The company provides each Client with the opportunity to choose a unique username to which his account in the program system will be associated. The company provides the Client with round-the-clock access to the operational accounting system (account) from the moment of entering into this Agreement.

3.2 The Company ensures the confidentiality of the data, as well as all information about operations stored in the Client's account. Under no circumstances, the Company shall transfer the Client’s confidential data to third parties. The Company shall not be liable if the Client himself has not properly protected his data , account or voluntarily transferred any of this information to third parties.

3.3 The company ensures the timely accrual of profits to each participant in accordance with the investment proposal and the project rules, if the Client complies with all the conditions of this Agreement.

3.4 The Company reserves the right to unilaterally make changes or additions to this Agreement. Planned changes and the date of their entry into force, the Company undertakes to report in the official group of the Vkontakte company, as well as to the Telegram. In case the Client does not these notifications (changes / additions) will be read, or ignored, the responsibility for the consequences lies entirely on the Client.

3.5 The company has the right to block the Client's account in the following cases:

a) if the Participant uses obscene language when corresponding with representatives of the Company;

b) if the Client indulges in negative and slanderous statements about the program, the Company and other program participants on forums, blogs, chats and other thematic online resources;

c) if the Client delivers using SPAM technology;

d) if the Client creates more than one account in the program;

f) if the actions of the Client are aimed at deteriorating the quality characteristics of the Site with the help of malicious programs and equipment;

g) if there are motives in the actions of the Client aimed at inciting ethnic hatred.

3.6 The company does not guarantee any profit. In the event of a profit after a period of 30 days, we guarantee that each investor will receive a share of the profit in accordance with the amount of his deposit.

4. Settlement Order

4.1 The accrual of profits to the Company's Clients is carried out in cases of successful completion of a bet period of 30 days.

4.2 The Client accrues profits to the balance of his account.

4.3 Withdrawal of funds is carried out in manual mode, subject to the availability of available funds on the balance in the Client's account.

4.4 The request for withdrawal of funds is carried out by the Client independently through electronic payment systems supported by the Company's investment process. The client himself pays all costs associated with the withdrawal of funds.

4.5 The client agrees that he will not make claims to the Company in case of delayed payments due to force majeure circumstances, ddos ​​attacks, technical problems on the electronic payment system sites or other reasons independent of the Company. The client realizes that these factors are beyond the competence and sphere of responsibility of the Company;

5. Providing guarantees and limiting liability

5.1 The company operates in strict accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom and, in terms of international investment cooperation, in accordance with international law.

5.2 The main activity of the company is to generate income from sports betting at the bookmaker's office.

5.3 The company undertakes to ensure the correct operation of the site and each account.

5.4 In the event of a program failure, the Company guarantees the restoration and quick launch of the program.

6. Term, amendment and termination of the contract

6.1 The Agreement is considered to be concluded from the moment of its acceptance by the Client in accordance with clauses 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 of this Agreement and is valid for the entire duration of the Company's program.

6.2 The Company reserves the right to unilaterally make changes and additions to this Agreement without notifying the Customer of the changes made. The Customer agrees that he must independently monitor all changes and additions that the Company may make to the text of this Agreement or to the content any section of the Site.

6.3 Any actions that the Client will take after the Company has made changes confirm that the Customer has accepted these changes.

6.4 In cases of violation by the Client of the terms of this Agreement, the Company reserves the right to block a member's account, as well as terminate this Agreement unilaterally without prior notice.

7. Final Provisions

7.1 This Agreement is available as an electronic document to all visitors and Clients of the program on the official website of the Company:

7.2 The Parties acknowledge that this Agreement, signed, accepted in electronic form, has bilateral legal force, that is, the force of the original and cannot be disputed by third parties.

7.3 The Parties acknowledge and confirm that any cooperation of the Parties is in the nature of a private transaction, the details and conditions of which cannot be disclosed to third parties.

7.4 All sections of the Company's Website correspond to this Agreement automatically and are subject to execution by the Parties in the same manner as this Agreement.