What we are dealing with

Greetings to all the participants of the Capper Club company. My name is Andrey and I am professionally involved in betting on sporting events. I started to make first bets in 2008, since then I have gained knowledge, experience and I can say with confidence that in this You can and should earn money. Over the past 5 years, I have been able to reach the average profit level in the region of 15–30% per month. Of course, there are sometimes drawdowns, but not more than 5–10%. Recently, I had an idea to create a company in trust sports betting management to use not only your own, but also the funds of all those who are interested in increasing their capital. As a fee for services in the future, I will be charged a small percentage of net profit, but at the development stage of the company, all profits will be distributed among investors, without any fees. tired of losing money in financial pyramids, forex, cryptocurrency or other dubious directions for investing and want to find a company with which month after month, year after year you can consistently make a profit, then all you have left Subscribe to do - is to register, deposit and a month to get the first profit. It often happens that the lack of funds makes it difficult to devote your life to your beloved work, or there seems to be money but at the same time there is no free time. Capper Club will be able to provide you free time and money to realize your goals .

One of the priorities of the Capper Club is to create a global investment platform. At the initial stages of development, of course, we will focus on the Russian and CIS audiences, but in the future we plan to actively attract foreign investors.

Company Philosophy

Also, one of the main goals of the company is to provide anyone with a platform that he had long dreamed of but did not find. Very many people lose a lot of money in questionable companies, usually of a pyramid nature. to my investors, however, if we take a period of at least 2-3 months, then I can say with confidence that every investor with great probability will have a solid profit. At the same time, the risk of loss, even though it is present, as in any real investment ion tool, virtually reduced to a minimum, and in my experience does not exceed 10% per month.

An obvious advantage of our company is the absence of the pyramidal principle of paying profits at the expense of new investors. We accept deposits only once a month, after which we use these funds for betting at the Pinnacle bookmaker. After the betting period of 30 days is over, we suggest that all investors take the deposit body along with interest. Only after this again we give to all who wish to make deposits. I think it's better to fix a small loss sometimes than to lose all the money invested one day, as it always happens in the financial pyramid.

Benefits Why do investors choose us?
Monthly Payments

Get profit every month.

Minimal risks

With proper management, the drawdown will not exceed 10% per month.

Job Concept

Rates from 1 to 3% per event give excellent results with minimal risk.

High yield

The use of our knowledge and skills in the field of sports betting gives you the opportunity to receive an average income of 15-30% every month.

Round-the-clock support

Always happy to help solve any of your problems.


Bets of small amounts on different types of sports events exclude the possibility of large losses.

Summing up

Trust management in the sports betting market is a very profitable and far-sighted line of business. After all, sport has always been, and despite all crises, wars and other negative events in the world, there will always be any sports competitions that may be to bet and make money on it. This line of activity will always live as long as a person is interested in sports.