Monthly Payments Get profit every month.
Minimum risks With proper management, the drawdown will not exceed 10% per month.
Job Concept Rates from 1 to 3% per event give excellent results with minimal risk.
High yield The use of our knowledge and skills in the field of sports betting gives you the opportunity to receive an average income of 15-30% every month!

There are 3 periods in the system for investors. The current period is displayed in the cabinet.

Deposit Period: 1 day payments are closed
Bet Period: 30 days deposits and payments are closed
Payout Period: 1 day deposits are closed
Yield Graph Join our team and win with us!
About Company

What we are dealing with

Greetings to all the participants of the Capper Club company. My name is Andrey and I am professionally involved in betting on sporting events. I began to make my first bets in 2008, since then I have gained knowledge, experience and I can say with confidence that in this You can and should earn money. Over the past 5 years, I have been able to reach the average profit level in the region of 15–30% per month. Of course, there are sometimes drawdowns, but not more than 5–10%. Recently, I had an idea to create a company in trust management in the field of sports betting to use not only their own, but also the means of all those who are interested in augmenting their capital as payment for services in the future I will be charged a small percentage of the net profit, however, all the profits will be distributed among the investors, without any fees at the stage of development of the company..

Capper Club LTD

41 Wigmore Street, Marylebone, London,
United Kingdom, W1U 1PR

Company № 11768290
Work Scheme

Win and earn with us!

1 day accept deposits

We close the opportunity to invest for 30 days

Transfer funds to the bookmaker

We make bets every day at a rate of 1% to 3% of the pot.

After the completion of the betting period for 1 day, open the possibility of withdrawing funds

After all the funds have been withdrawn, we are giving the opportunity to invest again

Webmoney ABSOLUT +100
Webmoney Profvestcom +300
Webmoney Serg337 +108
Webmoney Gainprofit +200
Webmoney Svetlov +1000
Webmoney gachaboroda +100
Webmoney Serg337 +100
Webmoney RomaK +100
Webmoney Profvestcom +300
Webmoney ABSOLUT -108
Webmoney Svetlov -80
Webmoney Gainprofit -16
Webmoney Profvestcom -87
Webmoney RomaK -108
Webmoney gachaboroda -108
Webmoney vik0511 -121
Webmoney Gainprofit -42
Webmoney Grand -2420
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